About Ubuntu Living

A serendipitous outcome of personal experience (alcoholism), Ubuntuliving (an Oklahoma registered Non-Profit corporation that has officially operated from 2009 -2017) began by assisting one gentleman; then two; then three; and so on. Ubuntu provides reentry services but having been incarcerated is not a prerequisite of entering the program. Lacking the prison experience, my empathy stems from conscious awareness that without personal resources, a keen understanding of the judicial system, and meaningful relationships – but for the grace of God, there go I. Ubuntu has had four separate houses simultaneously but couldn’t maintain as much financially. As of (July 31, 2012, Ubuntu had a volunteer Program Manager but still hasn’t received outside funding help beyond a few good people who took note (perhaps $15K over 8 years). The Organization was unplanned and took on a life of its own as I personally provided more and more help to others also in recovery and committed to change.

The new model includes a little more wisdom and planning. First, compensation for the Program Manager (before me) at each location to take residents to medical and counseling appointments, grocery shopping, child visitations, driver license/state identification application appointments, court dates, and other appointments necessary for regaining control of their independent lives, is a must. Assistants accompany consumers to ensure correct outcomes and to avoid costly, time consuming repeat trips and telephone calls, and may manage a house as well.

Ubuntu is seeking assistance in order to continue helping these families as we have gone too far to turn back without them being greatly impacted. This can be financial assistance or service partnerships, donations, sponsorships or any combination therein. To assist now and in the future as we grow (per items, please only donate things you would use):

  • utilities
  • furnishings
  • appliances
  • food
  • residential property
  • materials, tools and equipment for repair of and work on property
Your thoughtful consideration of this appeal is appreciated. We will mail you additional information at your request.