While we are flexible (see general information) when compared with like organizations, we do and will maintain high standards and expectations. If your plan is to “get over” understand that you will not be given same instructions over and again. We expect basic things like clean toilets, washing of dishes, washing of hands, locking of house doors, and other things of this nature. Come and go as you please. Submission to a UA may be required at your expense (Reimbursed if you pass).

  • Curfew for first 30 days
  • No overnight guests
  • No visitors under the influence
  • Tidiness/Cleanliness (Not a dorm – it’s a house)
  • No stealing (Immediate eviction)


  • Expense free living
  • Mature house mates (28+ preferred)
  • Secured property (zero tolerance for theft)
  • Freedom with boundaries (self-governance)
  • Compliance with court (if applicable…responsible step if going)
  • Healthcare placement assistance
  • Employment assistance (help with felony placement)
  • Legal assistance
  • Transportations assistance
  • Support system


  • Must be sober
  • Preferably from a treatment center (analyzed case-by-case)
  • Must be employed (or 1st month’s rent and deposit)
  • Must have life/financial plan (flexible, but need one in place)
  • Must have a physical plan (flexible, but need one in place)
  • Must attend AA or another program daily when appropriate (worship preferred but not required)

Some Stats

In 8 ½ years we’ve significantly impacted the lives of about 165 men & women (and their families) plus some impact on about 275. The average cost is about $2,367 per year versus around $15,000 per year for the state to lock up these non-violent offenders.

We accept about 55% of all applicants (whether they have money to move in or not). About 35% of them stay longer than 2 months. Our metrics are simple, efficient, and prove efficiency. For about $118,000 per year we can impact the lives of 50 non-violent offenders as we redirect them into productive citizenry versus the state warehousing 4 – 9 for the same figure; at which point they’ll be released and need services like ours.

Your thoughtful consideration of this appeal is appreciated. We will mail you additional information at your request.

Your thoughtful consideration of this appeal is appreciated. We will mail you additional information at your request.